FireLane Supports Armenia

October 12, 2020

Armenians are currently under attack by Azerbaijani forces over land that borders the two countries. Because of their strong political ties to powerful allies, Azerbaijan is internationally recognized as having authority over the territory, yet for over a century, the majority of the population in the region has been Armenian. The Armenians that inhabit that land push endlessly to keep what is theirs, even amidst towering political corruption. This has been a decades-long battle between the two countries. Currently, the fighting has resulted in a devasting amount of civilian casualties and deaths. This is continuing. 

The Armenian people have experienced genocide before, and they cannot experience it again. Armenians are currently in danger, displaced and they need our help NOW!


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FireLane stands with our Armenian brothers and sisters. If you do as well, spread awareness. And If you have the means, please donate what you can to #TheArmeniaFund...

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