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August 4, 2019

Entercom, a leading media and entertainment company and one of the two largest radio broadcasters in the U.S., announced the launch of FireLane on RADIO.COM and on 97.1 HD3 in Los Angeles. The station features some of the best mixers in the world, including DJ Vice, Flipside, DJ Lisa Pittman, Jeremiah Red, DJ Majestik, DJ Sophenom, DJ Drew Pierce, DJ Sabio, as well as showcase mixes, courtesy of Mad Decent. The station also features specialty shows throughout the week exploring different styles of several dance leaning genres. Fresh curated sets of mixers and mixes will be announced daily via social media.

“Currently, we’re living in a world where music tastes have collided and consumers are more interested in the authenticity of the music blend rather than the genre,” said Jeff Federman, Regional President, Entercom Southern California. “I have to credit a close friend for suggesting the development of a station that encompasses today’s “festival tent” feel with rhythmic, dance, hip hop and EDM all being represented.”

Jeremy Reyes, known as DJ Jeremiah Red, is the station’s program director.

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FireLane is a RADIO.COM Original Station. RADIO.COM is an integrated digital platform where consumers discover and connect live with the Entercom portfolio of premium, curated content powered by over 235 highly rated, locally programmed radio stations and their websites. RADIO.COM, the fastest growing digital audio app in the U.S., currently has over 300 stations and more than 10,000 podcasts, with more added continuously on its rapidly growing platform. RADIO.COM offers anytime, anywhere access through the RADIO.COM mobile app and website, and home and auto-connected devices, including Amazon Echo, Amazon FireTV, Sonos, Roku, Google Home, Google Chromecast, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and many more.

Listeners can tune in to FireLane nationwide on the RADIO.COM app and here on the website, as well as on air in Los Angeles on 97.1 HD3 via an HD Radio capable device. Fans can also connect with the station on social media via Twitter and Instagram.

---- Swipe for official FIRE LANE roster. Featured mix shows TBA.. This is NOT A DRILL Y’ALL ----

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--There’s more, folks.. Let’s shake it up.. Here is our featured mix show lineup! --

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